September 26, 2023

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Zsolt Bayer considers all DKs to be scandals that need to be purged

Zsolt Bayer was awarded the Knight’s Cross this year He was also invited to a closed faction meeting of Fidesz, Long unwashed anal ring with address Wrote on Wednesday about T.KIn the end he came to the following conclusion:

“DK people are really completely dishonest, rotten scoundrels who need to be cleaned up.No exceptions. That’s it. Nowhere in the world can you find more vile filth than this, not even a candlestick.”

Zsolt Bayer, Gábor Gerényi and Miklós Szánthó on Tusvanyos


Miklós Szánthó/Facebook

Fidesz pulls himself up Oil supply to the Barátság pipeline was stoppedA statement issued by the party:The Russians cheated Orbán, and Russian oil doesn’t come through the Barátság pipeline – because of Orbán, the country now faces not only freezing winters, but also dry gas stations. Bayer found that Victor Orban was not responsible for the whole thing, but – as he called it – “Ukraine as a later country“.

After establishing that DK people can’t be like that”Stupid, foolish, ignorant, assailants”, insisted that they all be cleaned. He did not describe what exactly this purge meant, but he had previously written about the fact that not enough leftists were buried in the forest during the 1919 massacre at Orkovani. Already talked about it“”””””””””””””””They should be slapped in the face“and”They must be dragged out with blood and sweat.”

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