There are three degree crises, the least of which was introduced in Germany.

Vladimir Putin launched a so-called “special military operation” against Ukraine. The fighting, which has claimed the lives of thousands of Russian citizens, has been going on for weeks. We report all progress on our series.

“As a precautionary measure, the lowest initial warning level for a gas supply crisis in Germany has been declared because it is not clear what rules the Russian leadership waging war against Ukraine will impose on the calculation of natural gas supply,” Germany’s Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Defense said on Wednesday.

According to Robert Hebeck, the least of the three crisis situations (early warning, alert, emergency) set out in the regulation of the European Parliament and Council, introduced in 2017, is to maintain the security of the gas supply.

In practice, it is to set up a crisis committee in the ministry to constantly monitor the natural gas supply situation. By the way, they have been doing this for weeks, deciding to give shape only to the existing practice.

Based on the fact that Russia’s natural gas sales to countries declared unfriendly by the Kremlin on Thursday could be explained, Ruble based solution system. Robert Hebeck pointed out in his prospectus that natural gas is supplied in Germany.

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Russia’s occupation of Ukraine is reported on a continuous basis:


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