For the Finnish company Greenwashing, the band was used to destroy the values ​​of the environment and make it more sustainable.

One of the most pressing issues in the world is environmental protection, climate crisis and sustainability. Special attention should be paid to these, so we should also prioritize. Hence the address of our new subdivision: Zhvg.

An agreement has been reached between the Finnish oil company Coldplay and Neste, which, despite elevating itself as the world’s largest biofuel producer, has reduced its supply of 10,000 hectares of wild oil suppliers to Indonesia and Malaysia in two years between 2019 and 2020. – The Guardian writes.

According to the Transport and Environment (T&E), an international environmental voluntary organization, it is called Green wash For example, through marketing and PR tools, the company’s attempt to be green and sustainable by doing actions that are harmful to the environment.

According to Carlos Calvo Ambel, one of the directors of the organization, the band acts as a “useful idiot” in the process. Neste says he knows Goldplay fans will be horrified to see how much the company working with the mob is contributing to the deforestation, and suggests Chris Martins should leave the deal soon. He adds: There is no doubt that Goldplay wants to work with a good intention to reduce the environmental impact of the tour, but Nestle is abusing it.

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In fact, Goldplay is really trying to be more consistent, for example, on their current tour, they plant a tree after each ticket is sold, and the dance floor uses it to absorb the kinetic energy of the fans. Regarding Neste, the band said in a statement that the company had promised not to use crude oil and not to touch recycled materials (such as frying) and palm oil. However, when the tour was announced, they said they would do everything they could to be consistent – and they insisted, but they did not say the right decisions had been made in all areas.

A Neste spokesman commented on the story that there was no room for complacency in the company’s operations, that crude palm oil was not used to work with Coldplay, and that by the end of 2023, their palm oil usage would be reduced. Zero anyway. Palmyra currently supplies about 7 percent of the company’s raw material needs.

Coldplay has been criticized for working with BMW, and experts say the Bavarian carmaker is heavily campaigning against EU climate goals. Regarding the collaboration with BMW, the band said it was the only manufacturer to help them, so the German company offered 40 car batteries to meet the concert energy needs.


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Singer Goldplay has announced that no new songs will be written after 2025


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