September 27, 2023

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Zhelensky as Hitler, peaceful Russians, Ukraine threaten world war

Balas Pende, Editor-in-Chief of Foreign Policy, began his expertise in the crossroads of cameras.

Photo: M1 / ​​youtube screenshot

Apparently, the public media was also surprised by the war, they were not ready for such a sudden expansion of foreign policy development, but after the first day of the Russian invasion, they settled their lines very slowly and began to pick up the rhythm. From Zsolt Bayer to András Bencsik, to the last minute, it took an amount of time that everyone could understand. He smiled The possibility of war.

As usual in such crisis situations, the M1 stands alone with its strong team: since Thursday afternoon, George Spot, Georgie Nogradi and Balas Bende have been under attack.

Let’s start right now with the solo on the vibrant spot from public television. The Russian soldiers marched quietly, almost professionally, unloading the ammunition with a soft face and seeing that there was no resistance, only the Ukrainians observed something mournful.

“They did their job relaxed.”

On the other hand, Zhelensky’s call on his citizens to take up arms is dangerous. On the one hand, it is irresponsible because both the mentally ill and the terrorist can get weapons. On the other hand, they shoot at retreating Russians so that civilians may die. It was Hitler’s solution, and the German dictator finally gave the Russians guns in the hands of children and women.

Voxstorm 2022.

Fabian Barna thought a lot at dawn about why the Russians had occupied Chernobyl. Admits non-nuclear spot (But the UFO) Is an expert, but he has a very strong suspicion. Strong thinking with logical achievement at the end: Occupy the power plant and it will not be attacked in the end.

As we are accustomed to, he is legendary Rude, Professor Nograd was very clear and straightforward. Russia says it has marched to Kiev because it wants to see a neutral leadership at the head of the country. Putin is tired of the fact that there is always a pro-Russian or pro-Western government in Ukraine: be pro-Ukrainian now.

Because of this, 100,000 Ukrainians suddenly left the country in a single day, and from there almost the entire continent was engulfed in flames due to Zelenski, Nogradi says.

“The Ukrainian leadership has asked the Turks to close Phosphorus and Tortonelles and not to allow Russian ships to pass through. It would be a great idea, it would have been a world war. Turkey is a member of NATO.

Finally, pulling the veil, the Ukrainians began the conflict:

“The UN. The next demand is for the peacekeepers to march into Ukraine. While Ukraine issued an unbelievable statement 24 hours before the start of the war, it appears that the Ukrainian leadership today is not ready to send a UN peacekeeping force there and has been rejected.

Veteran foreign policy expert Balas Bende is best known for his monopolies and the difficulty in navigating the map of Ukraine:

Let’s look at the swings for players. They weren’t ready to play either, it was only the first day. Unfortunately, there is plenty to choose from.

Contributed by Thomas Bodos.

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