December 6, 2022

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Zelensky: Ukraine is ready for neutral talks

Zelensky age 90 minutes Video call Spoke to Russian reporters. In connection with the interview, Russian officials warned the media in advance to refrain from publishing. Zhelensky spoke Russian all the time – Wrote According to a Reuters report, The Guardian.

Zhelensky said the Russian invasion had destroyed Russian-speaking cities in Ukraine and caused more damage in Chechnya than the Russian wars.

“Security guarantee and neutrality, nuclear non-proliferation. We are ready for that. That is the most important thing,” Zhelensky said. Ukraine has discussed the use of the Russian language in talks with Russia, but has refused to negotiate other Russian demands, such as the militarization of Ukraine, the Ukrainian president added.

According to Reuters, more than a month after Russia’s occupation of Ukraine on February 24, Gelensky said a peace deal was not possible without a ceasefire and the withdrawal of troops.

He turned down an attempt to forcibly retake Russian-occupied territory as it would lead to World War III, and said he wanted to compromise on the eastern Donbass region, which has been occupied by Russian-backed forces since 2014. On hand.

The Ukrainian military aims to repress the Russians in the “compromise areas” before the attack

Ukraine is ready to discuss neutrality and security guarantees, but not about militarization and “Nazism” and the protection of the Russian language, Volodymyr Zhelensky said in an interview with the Russian and English-language Medusa news portal in Latvia. Said.

In addition to Medusa, Zeleneszky also answered questions from Kommersant and Novaya Gazeta and the banned Dozhgy in an interview with Zoomon.

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In a final warning leaked to the public, the Ukrainian president denied that the Russian side had disclosed its position on the talks against Kiev, MTI wrote. Regarding the defense of the Russian language, he said that “every day of the war even calls into question what the Russian language is.” “People do not like this. People do not like to read (in Russian), watch movies and talk,” the president said. He also said that Ukraine should be the official language in Russia and Ukraine in Russia.

The head of state of Ukraine has repeatedly called for a private meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Russia, Ukraine and Belarus are involved and could not be the site of negotiations.

He joked that there were military biological laboratories in Ukraine. Ukraine also has no nuclear weapons or chemical weapons.

Prior to the February 24 attacks, he called on Ukraine’s military goal in reducing casualties, reducing the duration of the war and withdrawing Russian troops to “compromised areas.” He said about 20,000 soldiers had been killed by Russian forces. (The first vice president of the Russian civil service acknowledged Friday that 1,351 people had died.)

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