September 28, 2023

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You can make a lot of money at Lake Balaton this year… but is it worth it?

Companies operating in Lake Balaton, whose livelihood is usually through tourism and hospitality, have already started recruitment for the summer season – as revealed in the latest report of the Tourism Business Index – writes Money CenterBut the paper adds: This does not mean that there will be no labor shortage in Lake Balaton.

There will definitely be a labor shortage, as there always has been, and it will be the same this year

– he said Laszlo Kovacs, head of the Hungarian Hospitals Industry Board, believes that a completely different approach must be introduced to resolve the situation, if not immediately. László Kovács added: It really stands on its own, Earn lakhs even in one seasonBut many people only realize how much they have to work when they are already there, and not everyone is comfortable at this pace.

Aldi's stores in Balaton are looking for salespeople for a salary of half a million

Aldi’s stores in Balaton are looking for salespeople for a salary of half a million

Even now, it is possible to earn several hundred thousand forints in Balaton, but we forget that you have to work in these regular seasonal jobs: this means 10-12, and in some cases even more, working hours. A day that not everyone can handle

– emphasized the expert.

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Tibor GyuraczA human-centered expert put it somewhat modestly:

My expectation is that there will be a labor shortage, but less than in previous years. This is because many service providers have left the system. So the demand goes down a bit because of course there aren’t as many workers.

You can make hundreds of thousands on Balaton and we'll show you how

You can make hundreds of thousands on Balaton and we’ll show you how

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The expert also explained that there is a significant difference between students and full-time employees:

For students, it’s actually possible to find Fridays that are considered good, but not terrible, based on how much work they do. Minimum wage and a few hundred forints, all they could earn, This represents an hourly wage of HUF 1,300-1,800 last year. The situation is different with older workers: the skilled, regular worker is certainly considered desirable, and they can take home the often discussed large sums. For example, it is difficult to find an experienced cook for seasonal work, who can earn good money” said Tibor Gyurácz, who pointed out that it is becoming more common for the employer to take care of accommodation and even food.

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