It remains unchanged how many people were massacred in areas occupied and abandoned by Russian troops.

Vladimir Putin launched a so-called “special military operation” against Ukraine. The fighting has been going on for weeks, with Russian forces ending the lives of thousands of civilians. We report all progress on our series.

After the withdrawal of Russian troops from the area, another mass grave with the bodies of about 900 Ukrainian civilians was found in Kiev County, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky told Polish reporters on Friday.

The head of state said that although the Russians had burned some of the bodies in the crematorium, they had found such a mass grave. “No one knows how many people died. There will be consequences, there will be an investigation, and then there will be a census,” Zhelensky said. He pointed out that international organizations sometimes act slowly and that “even if there are witnesses who have seen it all, in the absence of one or the other evidence, those responsible cannot be held accountable.” He added that mobile crematoriums where the bodies of Russian soldiers were cremated were also being taken to Russia.

The president insisted that about 500,000 Ukrainians had been forcibly and illegally taken to Russia, according to Ukrainian officials. He hoped that Ukrainian prosecutors and law enforcement officers would certainly find and punish all Russian “invaders” involved in crimes against civilians. It is important that Ukraine be recognized internationally: the Russians have committed such crimes and that Russia must take historic responsibility for this war, “he said.

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Returning to negotiations to end the war, Zhelensky realized that all dialogue with the Russian side was in danger of being disrupted. The president said the negotiation process was now “very slow”. According to him, despite the talks via video conference between the Ukrainian and Russian negotiating representatives, Vladimir Putin referred to the Russian president as “we all know that (on the Russian side) everything is decided by one person”. Therefore, as he said, he firmly believes that important issues can be resolved only at the meeting between the Presidents of Ukraine and Russia.

We regularly report on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine:


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