About a hundred Ukrainian soldiers are being taught how to use the system.

Vladimir Putin launched an open war against Ukraine called “special military action”. Fighting has been ongoing since February, with Russian forces killing thousands of civilians. We report all developments in our series of articles.

At Fort Sill, Oklahoma, Ukrainian soldiers are being trained to operate Patriot anti-aircraft systems, Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder said.

The exercise will begin next week with the participation of 90-100 Ukrainian soldiers. According to the US Department of Defense, this is the stock required to power the battery.

Training that normally takes a long time now only takes a few months. According to Ryder, they speed up the process so that players can return to the front more quickly.

The medium-range missile system is capable of destroying aircraft, drones, robotic aircraft and missiles. In December, Washington announced a new military aid package for Ukraine, worth about two billion dollars. including delivery of the first Patriot battery.

The appearance of Patriot missiles in Ukraine will bring about a radical change

Until now, Ukraine was practically defenseless against Russian ballistic missiles, capable only of shooting down air defense drones and maneuvering robots. As expected, if the United States gives Ukraine at least one Patriot missile battery, the situation will change: American missiles have already proven many times that they are capable of defeating air targets.

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