Only the British and Baltics believed the warnings of American intelligence.

Vladimir Putin launched an open war against Ukraine called “special military action.” Fighting has been ongoing since February, with Russian forces killing thousands of civilians. We report all developments in our series of articles.

Last November, it was revealed that a US intelligence chief briefed a meeting of NATO’s North Atlantic Council in Brussels on data in their possession that testified that Moscow would attack Ukraine. The Washington Post From his essay. Avril Haines, the head of the American intelligence community (pictured in our picture), gave the facts, but made no recommendations about what to do in this situation. Many questions arose among the audience and many suspected that Russian President Vladimir Putin was indeed preparing for a large-scale attack. The German and French representatives did not understand why Putin would attack a large country with only 80-90 thousand people. Others suggested the Russians were only preparing for a military exercise in the region, according to the Kremlin. The paper does not write about how the Hungarian delegation responded.

The majority were more skeptical of the news of the invasion, and there were those who quoted Zelensky as the Ukrainian president himself who said the Russians would never attack to the extent Americans predicted at the time, and who was better. To know the motives with the Ukrainians rather than the Russians.

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The French and Germans recall U.S. intelligence reports on Iraq 20 years ago as unsubstantiated, and some see a failure of U.S. intelligence in the fiasco in Afghanistan a few months ago.

According to the paper, Europeans quickly organized themselves into expert camps on the issue, and these did not change anything in the coming months. According to Western European representatives, three main narratives have emerged that Putin is trying to extract concessions with team connections, but no intention of attacking. NATO’s new Eastern and Southeast European member states assumed the Russians would do something, but it would be limited, taking “another bite at the Ukrainian apple” as they did in 2014. Only the British and the Baltic states, already concerned about Russian intentions, took the warning seriously.

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The US wanted to keep the truth of the information flow secret so as not to provoke an escalation of the situation in Ukraine.