Jake Sullivan, the United States’ chief national security adviser, told reporters on Air Force One, the US president’s special flight to Poland, that Russia was preparing for a bombing attempt on car convoys supplying NATO to Ukraine.

“We are preparing with urgency for Russia’s decision to bomb NATO territory in some way.

The chief national security adviser said the United States and its allies could take further disciplinary action against Moscow over Russia’s military occupation of Ukraine. “Of course, further measures to tighten sanctions are possible and we will continue to consider them,” a White House official said.

Moscow calls its operations in Ukraine to disarm its neighbors “special military operations.” Kiev and its Western allies call this an unprecedented, unprovoked offensive and believe that Russia’s real goal is to overthrow the Kiev government, which Russian President Vladimir Putin considers illegal.


On Friday, US President Joe Biden arrived in Rzeszów, southwestern Poland, 180 kilometers south of the Ukrainian city of Lviv, to meet with members of international efforts and groups to help millions of U.S. refugees fleeing the Russian military occupation. .

Jack Sullivan also said that Moscow would pay a heavy price for maintaining chemical weapons in Ukraine. At the same time, he reassured everyone that the United States had no intention of using such a weapon “under any circumstances.”


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