The United States is increasing its presence in Europe, and Moscow has retaliated. At the NATO summit, the President of Ukraine asked which country Russia would attack next. This happened on the 126th day of the war

Vladimir Putin launched a so-called “special military operation” against Ukraine. The fighting has been going on for weeks, with Russian forces ending the lives of thousands of civilians. We report all progress on our series.

The NATO summit in Madrid continued on Wednesday, where the heads of state and government of the North Atlantic Coalition will hold two days of talks. US President Joe Biden made the serious announcement today They will significantly increase their military presence in Europe.

The US President has announced the establishment of a permanent military base in Poland, an increase in the number of troops stationed in the Baltic states and Romania, the deployment of two more F-35s in Britain and an increase in the number of US warships stationed. Strengthening air defense systems in Spain and Germany and Italy.

Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs He responded to the message with a bite. Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Rybkov has said that the move would lead to more compensation from Russia. According to Ryapko, those proposing to strengthen NATO’s military presence in Eastern Europe are living under the illusion that they could somehow intimidate and arrest Russia.

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky is also present Spoke to the Madrid crowd via video. In his speech, the President of Ukraine stressed that the war, which had been going on for more than four months, should not continue and that Ukraine should be provided with more weapons, especially modern artillery. He says Ukraine needs modern missiles and air defense systems to protect its people from Russian missile strikes and bombings. Ukraine has also sought financial assistance from the international community.

The Ukrainian president has warned that Russia could launch an attack on NATO members. According to him, he “wants to subjugate” Lithuania. Zhelensky believes that the question is “who will follow Ukraine?”

Regarding Sweden and Finland joining NATO Progress has also been made. Jens Stoltenberg, secretary-general of the Military Coalition, said the decision would be taken at the summit and that Sweden and Finland would be members, which would be faster than ever.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry said in the evening that the Ukrainian and Russian sides were new Prisoner exchange was conducted, Of which 144 Ukrainians, including 95 soldiers, were captured at the Mariupol-Azov steel plant and regained their independence. The players were released in critical condition with serious injuries. “They all receive medical and psychiatric treatment,” said the Ukrainian Directorate of Intelligence.


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