Sanctions on Mikolaev, Putin’s alleged lover, were hit by an airstrike.

Vladimir Putin launched an open war against Ukraine called “special military action.” Fighting has been ongoing since February, with Russian forces killing thousands of civilians. We report all developments in our series of articles.

Russian spy network Charged up to State Security of Ukraine, SZBU. Members of the network provided the FSZB with information on military and strategically important objects located in the country. According to the Ukrainians, the head of the network was a man from Odessa with the alias “Professor” who recruited local residents in several Ukrainian cities. The Russians are said to be largely interested in exactly where Ukrainian decision-making centers and elements of each city’s critical infrastructure are located. The security service arrested the “professor” near the building of the military administration in Odessa, and another member of the network was captured in Ivano-Frankivsk, western Ukraine. Those arrested will be officially charged with sedition.

The maintenance of the turbine required for the Nord Stream-1 natural gas pipeline has been completed, so there are no technical obstacles for Russia to fulfill its obligations under the gas transport agreements – He said German CEO Olaf Scholz at the maintenance company’s Mühlheim site on Wednesday. In his briefing before the multi-ton equipment, the president said that not only was the turbine in perfect condition, but that he had all the official documents to hand it over to Gazprom, the Russian state energy company.

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In Ukraine, the devastation of the war cannot be measured only in dead bodies and destroyed buildings on the ground: Ukrainians also suffered serious psychological wounds, which, according to experts, will not heal for years. A reporter from Deutsche Welle visited Borogyanka in Kyiv County, where 80 percent of the buildings were destroyed and, according to estimates, the proportion of residents in need of psychological help is even higher.

The Southern Command of Ukraine reported He declared, the Russians began preparations for an attack on Volodymyr Zelensky’s hometown of Krivy Rih. In addition, the military command also released information that the Russians had launched an offensive on the entire southern front on August 2. According to the Ukrainian military command, the situation was tense. In recent weeks, Ukrainians have launched a counteroffensive to liberate southern Ukrainian territories occupied by the Russians in the first days of the war. The main target of the attack was the city of Kherson, which the Ukrainians have not yet reached, but they have already recovered 53 settlements in the area.

Early Wednesday morning, around 5 am, the rocket attack to him The city of Mykolaiv, located in the southern part of Ukraine between Kherson and Odesa, announced the mayor of the settlement. Oleksandr Senkevics, quoted by CNN, said residential areas were also hit, and a supermarket was destroyed by Russian rockets.

with obstacles beat him US Treasury Department on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s 39-year-old girlfriend Alina Kabaeva in connection with Russia’s war on Ukraine. As far as sanctions are concerned, the White House already indicated three months ago that Gabajiva is not safe either, and now they have finally decided.

Alina Kabaeva


For the first time since the outbreak of the Russian-Ukrainian war, grain has been exported from Ukraine. 26,000 tonnes of sorghum was loaded on board Rasoni on Tuesday arrived In the Bosphorus Strait, Russian, Ukrainian, Turkish officials and UN inspectors will check the cargo on Wednesday to ensure that only corn is on board. If they find everything in order, the container ship can proceed to Lebanon, to the port of Tripoli. Razoni left Odessa port under the flag of Sierra Leone under the July 22 multilateral agreement.

On Tuesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky pledged his support for allowing registered same-sex partnerships in Ukraine. President of Ukraine for online petition replied, the signatories called for the introduction of same-sex marriage. More than 28,000 signatures have been received since early June. In his response, Zelensky wrote that according to the Ukrainian constitution, marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman. Under the terms of martial law, he insisted he could not amend the country’s constitution, but the government had already made proposals to allow registered same-sex partnerships. The President of Ukraine added that in the modern world, the democracy of a state is manifested in granting equal rights to all.

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