Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has ordered a “special military operation” on the Donetsk Basin in eastern Ukraine. The Russian army began to attack from all sides, and a panic developed in Ukraine. Our correspondents report the situation from the scene.

“Ukrainian soldiers guarding Snake Island are alive,” the Ukrainian navy announced. In their Facebook post, they wrote that the soldiers were not killed, but captured by the Russians.

“We are delighted to announce that our brothers and sisters are alive,” they added.

The story of the defenders of the small but strategically important Snake Island in the Black Sea traveled around the world last week: Ukrainian soldiers reportedly decided to die rather than surrender to the Russian warship that defended it.

The warship ordered all 13 soldiers to lay down their arms and surrender. The publicly heard audio recording says they first said “yes” and then answered the call:

Russian warship, pull it out.

The first news was that they had all died in a subsequent bombing, wrote Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky. The Ukrainian navy not only now denies this, but also claims that the Russians have destroyed the entire infrastructure of the island, thus severing contact with the soldiers.

“Repeated attempts to contact them and find out what happened to them failed, and the Russian bombings prevented the sailors from sending aid,” he added.

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