At the time of the incident, 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse was the only one relying on self-defense.

There has been months of unrest in the United States and in many countries over police brutality and the bite of corporate racism. The protests, sponsored by Black Lives Matter, an extremist movement to treat African Americans equally, intensified after US police killed several unarmed African Americans. You can follow the latest developments in our series of articles.

On August 25 last year, the jury acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse of murder and all other charges. He shot two people and wounded one-third In Kenosha, Wisconsin. The then 17-year-old is on the defensive according to his lawyers and the verdict.

However, prosecutors said they were searching the Rittenhouse issue for the night on the streets of Kenosha, where riots erupted two days ago after two police officers repeatedly shot 29-year-old African American Jacob Blake in the back. Returnhouse moved from his home in Illinois to Wisconsin, where he carried his AR-15 semi-automatic assault rifle, helping to secure the shops where the looting began.

Returnhouse shot dead two unarmed protesters – 36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum and 26-year-old Anthony Hubert – who wanted to disarm him. A third, 27-year-old Gaius Crosscroots, who was approached with a gun, was injured. He then walked away from the police, who did not stop him and took him into custody the next day.

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Young Lake has been on parole since November: he was released on $ 2 million bail.

If he had been convicted of the crime of intentional murder, he would have spent the rest of his life in prison. His case was decided by an arbitral tribunal of 12 men, including seven women and five men. The committee made a decision in three days.

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Seven shots that disabled American games

Evan Laszlo NakiSports

Exactly four years after NFL director Colin Cabernick did not stand up to the anthem, the American sports world is fighting racism together. The Black Lives Matter movement was re-ignited by the police captured by Jacob Blake, which could now easily trigger a boycott leading to the end of the major leagues.

No charges have been filed against the African-American police officer who shot Jacob Blake in the back.

MTIThe world

More protests are expected after the decision was made in Wisconsin.