The Russian team opened fire on the wreckage of the plane at the hotel airport.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has ordered a “special military operation” on the Donetsk Basin in eastern Ukraine. The Russian army began to attack from all sides, and a panic developed in Ukraine. Our correspondents report the situation from the scene.

One of the undoubted casualties now in the battles for Hostem Airport is the Antonov 225 transport aircraft, also known as the Mirija (i.e. dream), and it is the largest aviator in the world.

We got used to it We were informed That machine may have survived the battle unscathed, but the records now provided basically exclude it. By the way, the Russian correspondent speaks in the record that the plane was destroyed by a Ukrainian artillery attack, not by a Russian attack. We do not know the truth about this, but it is difficult to imagine that a Ukrainian artillery could have fired at its own airport without the attack of Russian paratroopers. So, perhaps the responsibility is more on the Russian side.

Following is the text of the Russo-Ukrainian war:


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The Russians occupied the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

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On the other hand the workers working in the power plant will continue to work.

Russian helicopters Zigzag at Hostoma

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Helicopters attack an airport near Belarus, near the Ukrainian capital.