Shortly before the departure of the first flight to Rwanda, deportation of refugees was stopped under pressure from Strasbourg.

Just hours before the first flight with British refugees arrived in the country from Rwanda, the European Court of Human Rights intervened at the last minute and suspended the deportation of asylum seekers. BBC.

It was planned by the British government for some time I will send to Rwanda those who have entered the UK illegally. The government expects serious legal disputes, the case is being heard in the courts, and it could have been expedited by launching the first flight to Rwanda with seven people on board.

The plane was scheduled to depart from a military airport in Wiltshire at 11pm on Tuesday, but the Strasbourg Board decided at eight-thirty that one of the Iraqis waiting to be deported could not be sent to Rwanda. Severe damage if you are in the machine. After that, everyone else on the plane asked not to be deported immediately. He was finally dropped from the plane at quarter eleven.

The court did not rule out the idea of ​​deportation, but said the refugees could not be deported to Rwanda until a final court ruling in the UK.

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