Officers are among the soldiers released from prison.

Vladimir Putin launched an open war against Ukraine called “special military action”. Fighting has been ongoing since February, with Russian forces killing thousands of civilians. We report all developments in our series of articles.

As part of another prisoner exchange, 32 Ukrainian soldiers were able to return home, and the Russian side handed over the body of Israeli citizen Dmytro Fialka to Ukraine, the head of the Ukrainian presidential office, Andriy Yermak, announced. On Tuesday.

According to Germak, the officers were among the soldiers who were released from prison. All of them served in heavily contested areas. Many of them have been reported missing.

He was an Israeli-born soldier who had lived in Ukraine for the past two years and worked as a children’s soccer coach at the Dinamo club in Lviv. He fought for Ukraine, went to the front as a volunteer, Jermak added.


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