The Su-35 aggressively flew over it several times, almost making the Polish aircraft uncontrollable and losing altitude. Four NATO fighter jets were put on alert due to the incident.

Vladimir Putin launched an open war against Ukraine called “special military action.” The fighting has been going on since February 2022, with the West making it difficult for the Russians to advance with warships and economic sanctions. We report all developments in our series of articles.

A Russian fighter jet attempted to disrupt Polish NATO aircraft with risky maneuvers over the Black Sea in international airspace – announced on his website Romanian Ministry of Defense. In the report, the term “blocked” was used for Friday’s incident, but by definition, it was similar to intimidation and endangerment.

The Russian Su-35 repeatedly flew into the Polish L-410, whose crew struggled to maintain control over the aircraft as the Russian fighter’s maneuvers created chaotic turbulence around them.

The Turbolet L410, belonging to NATO member Poland’s border guard, was on a routine patrol with the Romanian Air Force within the framework of the EU border security agency Frontex in international airspace 60 kilometers east of the Romanian border when the incident occurred.

Due to the events, two fighter planes of the Romanian and Spanish air forces were alerted, but in the end their intervention was not required.

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The Polish crew handled the situation in a calm and professional manner due to the reckless behavior of the Russian pilot – they wrote and pointed out: Polish pilots managed to keep the plane while losing altitude. They finally landed safely at Mihail Kogălniceanu Airport at 1:50 p.m. No one was injured on the flight.

L-410 Turbolet
It is a Czech-made, two-propeller, essentially a short-range transport aircraft that is used for civilian purposes – passenger and cargo transport – but also serves the armed forces of many countries. It is a popular type because it can be operated with relatively low maintenance costs, it can also be used on short runways, and it can be easily modified for various tasks. However, against a Su-35, you can’t even kick a ball. In 2019, the Polish Border Guard will order two such machines, specifically for surveillance tasks. The air passenger Based on his procurement report, the aircraft were equipped with radars, long-range surveillance systems, satellite data links and automatic identification systems, making them suitable for naval patrols. Both aircraft were delivered in 2020, with their 30 million dollar items fully financed by EU support, predicting that they will be counted within the framework of Frontex.

The Romanian Ministry of Defense announced that the case would be fully investigated in cooperation with Frontex and Polish authorities. They also wrote

Aggressive behavior by a Russian attack fighter jet against an unarmed aircraft searching for migratory hazards in the Black Sea is totally unacceptable. This incident is another example of the provocative actions of the Russian Federation.

Our cover image is an example, it shows a Russian Su-35, but not the aircraft in our article.

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US surveillance drones are back flying over the Black Sea after it was hit by a Russian warplane last week.


US deploys Global Hawk drones to monitor Black Sea region

In the video, a Russian fighter jet collides with an American drone


In fact, two Russian warplanes shot down an American drone in the Black Sea, their plan was probably to fuel the unmanned aerial vehicle, a humiliating gesture, but it didn’t work out that way.