Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov’s daughter – along with her husband – traveled to Georgia for a relative’s wedding, and they were allegedly smuggled into the country by the local secret service.

According to reports, Yekaterina Vinokourova, daughter of Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, who accompanied her husband to Georgia for a relative’s wedding, has not returned to Russia. Ukraine PravdaGeorgian resistance proof’s referred to.

Vinokrov and her husband, Alexander Vinokrov, were reportedly kidnapped out of the country by the Georgian secret service and are currently in Saudi Arabia.

Vinokourova’s brother (son-in-law) and the wedding party stayed at the Kvareli Lake Resort in Georgia.

The hotel, on the other hand, denied that Lavrov’s relatives were there (they are on the international sanctions list, so they cannot enter the EU).

However, in front of the hotel, opposition parties staged a demonstration demanding the Russians leave. Police arrested 16 people.

(Sergey Lavrov on our cover.)


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