Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has ordered a “special military operation” on the Donetsk Basin in eastern Ukraine. The Russian army began to attack from all sides, and a panic developed in Ukraine. Our correspondents report the situation from the scene.

On Friday, airstrikes were carried out in the Sumi, Boltawa and Mariupol areas; The Ukrainian military says the Russians have fired measured missiles at the area from the Black Sea.

Michael Podoljak, an adviser to the Ukrainian president’s chief of staff, said there had been heavy fighting in the Mariupol region and clashes near Hersen, Odessa and Mykolayiv. “Mariupol will not surrender in any way and they will not occupy it,” he noted.

Meanwhile, the Russian military announced the capture of the city of Melidopol, a settlement of 150,000 on the shores of the Sea of ​​Azov, about a hundred kilometers west of the main port city of Mariupol.

An ITV report shows the fighting going on around the city.

You can follow it here Our information minute by minute on the third day of war in Ukraine.


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