Michael Carpenter, the organization’s U.S. ambassador, said after the meeting that he was not surprised by Russia’s absence.

Russia did not attend Tuesday’s emergency meeting convened under the auspices of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) at Ukraine’s request. Meeting in ViennaSearch for explanations for large numbers of Russian troops near the Ukrainian border.

“Unfortunately, but this is not surprising, the Russian Federation did not come,” said Michael Carpenter, the US ambassador to Europe, Central Asia and North America, accredited. Published to the press.

Russia has not only refused to acknowledge Ukraine’s legitimate security concerns, but has also refused to take part in one of the key actions of the OSCE, risk reduction.

The ambassador said.

The French OSCE mission, on behalf of the European Union, called on Moscow in a Twitter message to “end the crisis and pledge a constructive diplomatic solution.”

Russia announced on Tuesday that some of its hundreds of thousands of troops were stationed near the Ukrainian border. Returns to the force.

Meanwhile, the Russian military will hold large-scale military exercises in Belarus, part of Belarus, in alliance with Moscow until February 20.

A similar meeting was held at OSCE on Monday at the request of the Baltic states.

Prior to the current crisis, there have been less than a dozen such consultations since the adoption of the Vienna Convention on Transparency between member states in 1990.

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