According to the Polish Prime Minister, the Ukrainians are “fighting for us, for Europe, for freedom, for European peace, and everyone should be aware of this”, which is why Warsaw is launching an awareness poster campaign in several major European cities.

Polish government stops Russia! A European newspaper has launched a campaign to raise public awareness of Russia’s war crimes in Ukraine, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Saturday. Billboards with the above slogan will be put up in several major European cities and the campaign will also be advertised on social media, the Polish Prime Minister told a news conference at the National Stadium in Warsaw on Saturday.

Mateusz Morawiecki said Russian President Vladimir Putin had “prepared a special operation for war crimes and genocide.”

Poland wants the poster campaign to be the cry of all those who were brutally massacred in the streets of Ukrainian villages and big cities.

According to the head of the Warsaw government, the news of the atrocities in Ukraine had an impact on Europe for a very short time. “Our partners in Western and Southern Europe want to return to normalcy as soon as possible,” Moraviki said, adding that normal relations with Moscow could not be restored now.

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“I will personally go to Germany and other countries to remind people of the atrocities in Ukraine,” he said.

Moravichki also shared some pictures of the posters on Twitter. A significant portion of them operate with a solution parallel to the reality of Ukraine, devastated by the everyday moments of Europe (culinary, medical experimentation).

Ukrainian and international prosecutors continue to gather evidence of Russian war crimes in Ukraine, which they then seek to use in international courts. There have been numerous reports of extrajudicial executions, arbitrary killings, torture, rape and kidnapping by members of the Russian military since the start of the Russian military occupation of Ukraine on February 24.


Moraviki also announced that the value of Polish military assistance to Ukraine so far has reached PLN 7 billion (HUF 558 billion). “The Ukrainians have faced Russian criminals bravely and successfully, but they will not be able to fight them without heavy weapons, ammunition, anti-aircraft missiles and heavy weapons, including armor-piercers,” Moraviki explained. “With all of this, we are trying to help our neighbors,” he added.

According to the Polish Prime Minister, several guns were sent to the Ukrainians

They too can defend themselves for us

Because now there is a front line of struggle with the dictatorial Russian regime. “


Mateusz Morawiecki praised the Ukrainians for the successful capture of the Russian army, and insisted that the war planned by Moscow for 3-4 days had been going on for two months. “They are also fighting for us, for Europe, for freedom and for European peace. Everyone must remain vigilant about this,” he added.


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