Video of such an attack was also taken.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has ordered a “special military operation” on the Donetsk Basin in eastern Ukraine. The Russian army began to attack from all sides, and a panic developed in Ukraine. Our correspondents report the situation from the scene.

Saturday morning satellite recordings in Mariupol in southern Ukraine showed extensive damage to public infrastructure and residential buildings. With Reuters An American private company. The Maxar Technologies Fires were reported west of the Black Sea port city, and dozens of residential blocks were severely damaged. A video of Russian troops attacking a house has also been released.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said on Saturday that Mariupol had been besieged by Russian forces occupying his country but was still under Ukrainian control. In Mariupol, the city council said Friday that at least 1,582 civilians had been killed in Russian shootings and a 12-day siege. However, Reuters could not confirm the number of victims from an independent source.

Below you will find our newsletter on the Russo-Ukrainian war:


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The woman who was rescued from the midwife who exploded in Mariupol gave birth to a healthy baby

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Mariana Podkurskaya’s picture was shared around the world.

According to Ukraine, a mosque in Mariupol, a refuge for 80 people, was also shot down by the Russians.

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According to the report, Turkish citizens were also in the building.