The police tried to dissolve the crowd of tears and sound bombs in Athens.

Protesters clashed with police in several Greek cities on Monday. The wave of protests began after a 20-year-old boy was shot dead by police.

Eyewitnesses said protesters chanted the “killer police” password and hurled stones and other objects at police in Athens.

The police tried to dissolve the crowd of tears, throwing grenade bombs.

A group of angry protesters occupied the main road connecting the Greek capital with the port of Petras, and police again intervened and cleaned the streets using tear gas and rubber troops.

The protests began after police wounded a young car thief who was being harassed halfway across Athens. Before the fatal shooting, the offender went to the motor police, seven of whom were injured.

State broadcasters said the government had asked for an investigation into whether the police had used excessive force.

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Many journalists, cinematographers and editors were produced and later attacked by the Taliban. Au’s new regime claims freedom of the press as long as it respects the teachings of Islam.

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