Around 50,000 people attended the rally called Serbia Against Violence.

Thousands of people marched from the Serbian parliament building to the government building on Monday to demand the resignation of the government and the president because, in their opinion, the country’s leadership is not good enough for the school. Last week’s street shooting.

Around 50,000 people marched through the streets of Belgrade early Monday as part of Serbia’s movement against violence, according to organizers. Silent protests were also held in other Serbian cities.

The demonstration was jointly organized by the opposition parliamentary parties Democratic Party, People’s Party, Left Green Front, Ekute, Freedom and Justice Party, Freedom Citizens Movement, Revolution Movement and Unity Union for the 17 dead. and 21 injured. In memory of him who was killed last week by two runaways in Belgrade and near Mladenovac.

Last Wednesday, a 13-year-old boy opened fire at the school, killing eight of his classmates and school guards, injuring a teacher and six other students. A day later, a 20-year-old man shot eight people and wounded fourteen others with an assault rifle in and around Mladenovac, near Belgrade.

No speeches were made at the demonstration, the protesters marched quietly through the streets for a short time, then chanted “Resign!” They shouted at the government and the President to leave. At the same time, the organizers issued a statement regarding their demands. These include an urgent ban on the promotion of violence in the media and social space, changing members of the media authority, banning print media products that promote hatred and violence, and withdrawing national broadcasting rights from television stations that promote violence. They also demand a ban on all violent content on television.

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Demands have been made for the resignation of the Home Minister, the Head of the Secret Service and the Education Minister. The latter resigned on Sunday. They are also demanding that a parliamentary session be convened to investigate the government’s responsibility for the shootings and find long-term solutions to prevent cases like the current one.

In response to the mass killings, the Serbian government announced a tightening of related laws and a one-month amnesty for surrendering illegal weapons and ammunition. Because the school shooter was under the age of 14, he cannot be held criminally responsible. And the maniac convicted in Mladenovac turns 21 in October, so under the Serbian Penal Code, he cannot be sentenced to life in prison, with the most severe sentence being 20 years in prison. The government has announced a reduction in the minimum age of criminal responsibility from 14 to 12.

After the South Slavic wars of the 1990s, the civilian population also had a lot of weapons, with an average of 40 guns per hundred people in Serbia. On the other hand, school shootings are extremely rare in the country and have never been committed by a minor. The worst rampage in recent years happened ten years ago, when a man massacred 13 of his relatives in Velika Ivanka, a village 50 kilometers south of Belgrade.


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Serbian education minister resigns over school shooting

hvg.huat home

In a letter to the head of state, Franco Rušić stated that he will carry the tears shed by the parents of the murdered children as a mark on his soul for the rest of his life.

Serbian education minister resigns over school shooting

MTIthe world

In a letter to the head of state, Franco Rušić stated that the tears shed by the parents of the murdered children will be imprinted on his soul for the rest of his life.