A migrant beggar allegedly complimented an Italian man’s girlfriend before attacking and killing her.

A man was killed in broad daylight on an open street in Civitanova Marche, Italy, in front of a passerby. Alika Ogorchukwura, a 39-year-old Nigerian immigrant, lived on the street begging and selling lighters and handkerchiefs. Filippo Claudio Giuseppe Ferlazzo, a 32-year-old southern Italian from Campania, attacked the man after the prosecutor made comments about his girlfriend: according to some reports, he gave her a compliment, saying the attacker was bothering her. The Italian man then attacked his fellow Nigerians, jumped on his head and, according to his lawyer, began beating him with a walking stick after the car accident and pressed his head against the pavement. Pedestrians They also recorded a video of the attack (which can be found at Republica), but no one intervened, they shouted at the attacker to stop, because that way he would kill the other. The deceased is survived by his wife and an eight-year-old daughter. The attacker was detained on suspicion of murder and robbery (for taking the victim’s mobile phone).


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