More than fifty far-right self-judges detained Paprika spray, bayonets, knives and sticks by German police, and neo-Nazis wanted to patrol the Polish border.

A Defender According to Article 1, the public police followed the call of the new right-wing party Third Way, calling on its members to stop crossing the illegal border near the civic city.

Police seized the guns and forced the suspects to leave Saturday night and Sunday morning, a spokesman said. They traveled from the other end of Germany to the Polish border.

Dozens of people watched in Coupon on Saturday in protest of the planned far-right patrol.

An additional 800 police officers have been deployed along the Polish border to check the flow of migrants from Belarus trying to enter the European Union in Germany, the interior minister said on Sunday. “Currently, hundreds of police officers are on duty there day and night. I am ready to further strengthen them if necessary,” said Horst Seehofer Built on Sondak.

Seehofer said 6,162 people had entered Germany from Belarus and Poland without permission this year.

He said last week that Germany had no intention of closing the Polish border, but on Sunday said the country should consider re-introducing restrictions. “If the situation on the German-Polish border does not improve, we should also consider whether this action should be taken in consultation with Poland and the province of Brandenburg. This decision will be submitted to the next government,” he said.

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Following the re-election of President Alexander Lukashenko in August 2020, several EU member states accused Minsk of sending illegal immigrants to the EU to impose sanctions on Belarus.

Lukashenko denies this and blames the West for a humanitarian catastrophe that threatens this winter after the migration of immigrants to the Belarus-Poland border.

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