On Sunday, it measured 19.4 degrees on Kodiak Island in southern Alaska. It was hotter than it was in Southern California that day.

It broke the record for the hottest December day in Alaska, according to Anchorage’s National Weather Service. CNN writes that Alaska’s temperature records date back to 1953.

The record is amazed at how little sunlight is available in Alaska at this time of year. At the end of December, the sun is only above the horizon for six hours a day. He gets up at 10am and rests for a while after 4pm.

“This unprecedented heat occurs in late December, the sun’s angle in the Northern Hemisphere is very low and Alaska receives the least amount of solar energy, which makes things even more significant,” said CNN meteorologist Brandon Miller.

Alaska’s extreme warming is completely different from the climate of North America, where temperatures are lower than normal.

But these peaks are all interrelated. “Extreme warming in December may have contributed to the same trend that brought cold, winter weather to the northwestern Pacific and northern California,” Miller said. “A strong high pressure area is anchored in the North Pacific a few hundred miles south of the Gulf of Alaska. This high pressure causes it to flow clockwise, drawing hot, tropical air from the western Pacific to Alaska.”

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