It was estimated last week that one in 25 people in the UK could be infected with the corona virus, so airlines believe there is no point in testing Govitra for the traveling public.

According to travel agents and airlines, the mandatory screening of arrivals and departures to the UK is preventing the sector from recovering from the epidemic crisis, while the Omigron wave has already affected many, and testing is of no real importance. BBC.

Currently, travelers 12 years of age and older are only allowed to enter the UK with a negative PCR or Rapid test, and must undergo a PCR test within two days.

While the number of cases per day in the country for delta variation ranges from 40 to 50,000, the Omigron virus mutation now causes more than 200,000 new daily infections (such as in the United States and France).

With this number, airlines argue that “keeping Omigron out” with the test is hopeless, but maintaining the current strict precautions could have catastrophic consequences for the sector. According to a study by Manchester Airport Holdings (MAG), the pre-departure test in particular has very little or no effect on Omigron diffusion.

A BBC The British government has so far thought that PCR tests, which confirm positive rapid tests, could be avoided.

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On January 4, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the spread of the Omigron corona virus strain had caused far fewer serious illnesses than previous virus strains, and that the British vaccination campaign had been very successful, allowing Britain to survive without complete closure. – Infection wave triggered.


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