According to the Chechen leader, “they can show what they can do in 6 seconds.”

After Ukraine, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov will also capture Poland, although the former failed.

Nexta shared a video on Wednesday night Kadyrov, in which he says:

Ukraine is a closed case, Poland is already interested. After Ukraine, if the order is received, we will show you what we can do in 6 seconds.

Sympathy for Putin and the Russian side fighting in the war in Ukraine, Although he is an actor Kadyrov called for this by withdrawing Poland’s weapons “from their mercenaries.”

By the way, Kadirov already pointed out To Poland he is very angry: then Tensions between Poland and the Russian ambassador to Warsaw remain unresolved In between, he said, “it can not be left without a word.”

This is how the Chechens came to light during Putin’s war in Ukraine

On the side of the attackers in the war in Ukraine, which lasted more than a month, Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov is often said to be the president of Chechnya in the name of Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is no coincidence that how the offensive in Ukraine ends and how the Chechen militants operate may be decisive for Kadir’s future.


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Kadyrov says the Russians are attacking Kiev again

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According to the Chechen leader, Luhansk and Donetsk will be “liberated” first, and then Russian troops will return to other targets.

The Chechen devil also wears Prada

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During the military parade of the Putinist Chechen president in February, Prada stretched more than 400,000 forts in boots.