The Omigron version has so far been confirmed to one person in the country, and seven cases are suspected, but according to the interior minister, they believe the variation has already appeared all over the country.

Does the vaccine return to “default”? How are the various mutations in the virus threatened? Should we be afraid of another wave of epidemics? In our series, you will find everything you need to know about corona virus infection.

it will be called so ocrimon variant Israel is set to close its borders to foreigners for two weeks for the first time in the world, according to plans still awaiting government approval. In addition to tightening at midnight on Sunday, authorities are re-introducing cell phone surveillance to monitor the movement of those carrying the virus.

Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett made the announcement on Saturday evening To isolate. Coincidentally, the Omigron version, registered under the name B.1.1.529, has so far been found in one person in the country, and seven are suspected to have the new variant.

We assume that this variant has been published in almost every country

Interior Minister Agilet Sockett told the Israeli channel N12: “a Vaccines Useful, but we still do not know to what extent. Israeli officials hope to gather more information about vaccines available during the current closure With the latest virus version Efficacy Against coincidence, about 57 percent of the Jewish state’s 9.4 million people were fully vaccinated, meaning they received a third vaccine under local regulations or less than five months after a second.

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The eruption has identified 1.3 million people in the country, more than 8,000 of whom have died. The World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday identified a variant of the Omigran virus variant with a higher number of mutations because the risk of re-infection is higher than previously known variants of the corona virus.

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The Omigron variant also appeared in Germany and Italy

MTIThe world

Recently, it has been reported that victims from Bavaria and Milan have an omigran variant of the corona virus.

Two weeks of isolation await Hungarians returning from the South African region

MTIAt home

They should be isolated even if infection is not suspected.