According to US officials, Iran will provide hundreds of drones and train soldiers to use the devices to support Russia in its war against Ukraine. Meanwhile, there was an explosion on Monday night in the strategically important city of Novaya Khakovka, occupied by the Russians.

Vladimir Putin launched an open war against Ukraine called “special military action”. Fighting has raged for weeks, and Russian forces have killed thousands of civilians. We report all developments in our series of articles.

On Monday, 5,762 people entered Hungary at the Ukrainian-Hungarian border section, and 4,658 of those who entered the Romanian-Hungarian border declared that they came from Ukraine, the National Police Headquarters announced on Tuesday.

Police issued temporary residence certificates valid for 30 days to 221 of those admitted. To get the final documents, they have to go to the office of the National Directorate of Eligible Immigration according to their place of residence.

27 people – including 10 children – fled the war in Ukraine and arrived in Budapest by train.

According to the United States, Iran has indicated that it would support the Russian military’s invasion of Ukraine with combat drones. Guardian. According to a senior US official, hundreds of weapons-equipped warheads could be sent to Russia.

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According to White House National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan, all of this confirms that the intense bombings of the past few weeks, as the Russians have consolidated their position in eastern Ukraine, are costing the country dearly in terms of weapons.

In light of this, Iran will send unmanned drones to Russia, and soldiers will be trained to use them in early July.

According to Sullivan, it is not known whether the Iranians have supplied the Russians with any drones.

Heavy explosions rocked the city of Nova Kahovka in Ukraine’s Kherson region on Monday night. At the end of February the Russians occupied the strategically important city of 45,000 inhabitants. The CNN He says this is the second such case in four days.

Ukrainian Serhii Klan, a member of the Kherson regional council, said a Russian ammunition depot had been destroyed. The police officer said that local residents have been warned in advance not to come to the streets.

The Russian state news agency (TASS) did not comment on the explosion at the ammunition depot, but earlier said Ukrainian forces had attacked the city’s hydroelectric plant. Later, Ukrainians discovered a warehouse containing potassium nitrate, TASS reported. It is a highly flammable substance that caused an explosion in Beirut two years ago. According to TASS, there were also victims of the attack, but this, along with other claims, has yet to be confirmed by an independent source.

In Prague, not far from the Prague Castle, Russian weapons shot by the Ukrainian army and looted from the Russian army are on display. BBC. According to the report, among other things, a T-90 tank, an air defense system and a howitzer can be found in Prague Square.

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Ukrainian Interior Minister Denis Monastyrskyi told the newspaper that the exhibition also shows how important it is for Ukraine to be supported by its partner countries. “Russian propaganda likes to spread that army tanks can reach Prague or Berlin. This only happened in the form of scrap metal,” Monastyrsky said.

The exhibition, organized by his ministry, includes defunct rockets and projectiles fired at Ukrainian cities since the war began in February.


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