Gioacchino Camino, who had been in hiding for twenty years, was arrested by Italian police in a riot in Spain.

After two years of investigation, Italian police have arrested a 20-year-old fugitive, Gioccino Camino, 61, who was living under a false name in a town near Madrid, one of the investigators said. To Reuters On Wednesday.

After police saw Street View on Google Maps Processor, a man standing in front of a grocery store that looked like a comedian who had fled for 20 years began a serious investigation.

Camino is a member of the Sicilian mafia group Stida and escaped from a Roman prison in 2002. He was sentenced to one year in prison in his absence for a previous murder. Nicola Aldero, deputy commander of the Italian anti-mafia police force, said Camino was being held in Spain and could be flown to Italy by the end of February.


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The Italian mafia has also found the best source of money: EU money


Nearly a hundred people have been brought to justice in Italy simultaneously for allegations that tens of millions of euros in EU aid were obtained through selective means. Locals are hopeful that the Mafia can now be caught, but others say the real leaders of the criminal organizations will still escape.

The Italian mafia leader who bought the stolen Wanko pictures in Dubai has been arrested

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Raphael Imperial was spotted by the DEA in 2017 and is now captured in Dubai.