The anti-immigration Sweden Democrats seem to have moved on.

Polls based on post-vote polls show a narrow victory for center-left parties in Sunday’s parliamentary election, with the anti-immigration Sweden Democratic Party (SD) likely to finish second.

According to a poll by Swedish public service television SVT, the center-left coalition won 49.8 percent of the vote, while the opposition right-wing parties combined for 49.2 percent.

A poll by local commercial broadcaster TV4 predicted 50.6 percent and 48 percent.

According to SVT data, the Sweden Social Democratic Party, led by current Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson, won 29.3 percent of the vote. 175 seats are needed to secure a majority in the 349-member parliament. So far, Anderson and his Social Democratic minority government have relied on external support from the Center Party, the Left Party and the Green Party.

The anti-immigration Sweden Democratic Party (SD) broke through, taking second place with 20.5 percent according to the exit poll, the best result in the party’s history. The largest opposition party, the Conservative Moderate Party, led by Ulf Kristerson, won 18.8 percent, the party’s worst performance since 2002.


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