Several key members of the ruling British Conservative Party have warned Prime Minister Boris Johnson of growing discontent within the party following the defeat of the Conservatives in a constituency previously represented by the Tories.

Helen Morgan, the candidate of the third largest National Parliamentary Party in the North Shropshire constituency in western England, officially won on Friday night.

Former Conservative MP Owen Patterson resigned last month amid mounting parliamentary scandal over his alleged involvement in a serious campaign scandal.

Patterson has represented North Shropshire in the London House since 1997. This area in the west of England, in the same or multiple parts, sometimes under a different name, but in some form, has been a parliamentary constituency since the 1830s, and has been the Conservative MP for almost two centuries since then.

However, the Liberal Democrat candidate won Thursday’s election with a significant advantage.

Helen Morgan, the region’s new spokeswoman, said in a statement after Friday’s official announcement that she was speaking on behalf of the entire British population of North Shropshire and that “Boris Johnson had finished the party.”

During the day, several leading members of the Conservative Party published news similar to or similar to Johnson.

Sir Roger Gale, one of the party’s most respected players representing his constituency in the south-east for nearly forty years, told BBC Radio on Friday night that Boris Johnson had “one more blow, and then it was over”.

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Ruth Davidson, the former leader of the Conservative Party in Scotland, said Friday night that Johnson had “one last chance” to prove himself.

According to consensus British media reports, there is a general consensus within the Conservative Party that this last chance will be given by the local elections in the UK in May, and there are already rumors that a no-confidence motion may be tabled against Johnson. The event of the failed Tory.

Several political scandals have erupted around Johnson in recent weeks. Unanimous press reports suggest that the biggest damage could have been caused by a Christmas party held at the Prime Minister’s Office on Downing Street a year ago, in violation of strict regulations imposed to control the corona virus infection.

Boris Johnson has repeatedly denied that the Downing Street crew violated any of the rules at the time, but reports of the party are stubborn, and more and more press reports about other such incidents continue to come to light.

Not long ago, a domestic political storm erupted over rumors that Johnson had funded the renovation of his Downtown Street head of government out of irregular donations.

As the most significant expression of discontent within the Conservative Party, the government can only approve government measures to curb the spread of the Omigron corona virus in the London House of Commons earlier this week amid prolonged Tory insurgency.


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