The EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs provided further details on EU sanctions against the Russians.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has ordered a “special military operation” on the Donetsk Basin in eastern Ukraine. The Russian army began to attack from all sides, and a panic developed in Ukraine. Our correspondents report the situation from the scene.

EU foreign ministers have given political support to the latest sanctions package against Russia, which will take effect on Monday, with EUSR foreign and security policy spokesman Joseph Borel providing further information on sanctions on Sunday evening. European Commission President Ursula van der Leyen has already announced on Sunday.

After the fourth foreign ministerial meeting this week, Borel said ministers had approved regulatory measures that would have a “crippling” effect on Russian financial markets. “This includes the exclusion of major Russian banks from the SWIFT Interbank Communications system and the freezing of half of Russia’s central bank reserves,” he said. He added that political actors who play a key role in supporting Russian oligarchy and the “Putin regime” will be included in the embargo list.

He also announced that the EU would set aside 450 million euros for arms purchases and 50 million euros for fuel and defense equipment. As you said

Agreement has been reached on the exchange of arms to Ukraine, the logistics center will be provided by Poland. The European Union also provides fighter jets for defense.

He said the EU was blocking Russian media near the Kremlin as part of sanctions, banning the misinformation spread by Russia Today and Sputnik, a media service provider in the union, which is now spreading a “widespread war campaign.” In addition, all Russian-owned, registered aircraft will be banned from EU airspace and “joint” Belarusian flights will be subject to a number of restrictions.

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Borel said the European Union would support Ukraine, despite President Putin’s “tips” on the use of nuclear weapons. He added that “the EU fears that Russia will not stay in Ukraine and that Russian influence could spread to neighboring Moldova and Georgia, affecting the Western Balkans.”

In a short video message on Sunday night, the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, stressed the need to form an anti-war alliance with EU partners, and that many nations and leaders stand up for international law. As he said, the EU is arranging emergency transport of military equipment for defense, weapons, ammunition and missiles, already on its way to Ukraine. “We also provide significant amounts of money and humanitarian assistance,” he added. Michael said the union wanted to resolve the conflict through negotiations and negotiations, but would hold all those responsible for the outbreak of war accountable.


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