According to the Polish Deputy Foreign Minister, I do not want trade to stop, but it all depends on the Belarusian side. According to Polish border guards, Belarusian gunmen are trying to blind them with a laser.

Polish-Belarusian border crisis

Thousands of people have gathered at the border between Poland and Belarus, and the two border guards will not let them in or out. Due to the extreme cold, more people are dying, diplomatic tensions are rising and Russia’s role is emerging in the background. reports on events with news and on-site reports.

A Worsens the security situation If Belarus does not abandon its “hybrid military operation” just weeks after negotiations at a crisis group meeting on bribes for asylum seekers, Poland will have to close new ones after the November 9 closure of the Kuznica Biolostoka-Brusky road.

President Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki discussed the crisis with concerned ministers on Thursday morning, following his EU sanctions on Minsk Speaking to reporters, Presidax said: “Warsaw is a” widespread diplomatic attack “in this case. Regarding further closure of the border, he stressed that it was in their interest for cross-border trade to operate, but their decisions depended on the security situation. Morawiecki wrote on his Facebook page that the government is constantly monitoring the situation for “change is changing”.

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On Thursday morning, Polish border guards again reported to the 230 group of immigrants With the help of Belarusian gunmen Tried to enter Poland by force. Near the town of Seremsa, between the two countries’ borders

Authorities say Belarusians blindfolded Polish border guards with lasers and recorded the Polish national anthem.

Anna Mikelska, a spokeswoman for the Polish Border Patrol, explained that this was another attempt to provoke tension, adding that five weary people who had crossed the border had been admitted to hospital and were already making progress. Since the beginning of this year, more than 37,000 attempts have been made to cross the border into Belarus, and since the end of October, 1,860 migrants have successfully crossed the border – these people will be banned from the entire Schengen area for three years.

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According to the Poles, the refugees continue to return to Belarus with assistance

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The Polish border guard told a conference on Sunday that Belarusian authorities were actively supporting large-scale cross-border efforts by migrants gathered on the Polish border.

Putin warns: Sanctions on Minsk are negative