Vladimir Putin launched an open war against Ukraine called “special military action”. Fighting has been ongoing since February, with Russian forces killing thousands of civilians. We report all developments in our series of articles.

Russian tourist can tell Russian air defense positions in Crimea. The unidentified man was taking photos with Russian combat vehicles near Yevpatoria on the Crimean peninsula, and the exact position of air defense equipment could be discerned from the background.

Shirtless activists They were disturbed Olaf Scholz’s reception on Sunday calls for a Russian gas embargo, writes next. Last weekend, the German federal government and Prime Minister Scholz held an open house in the chancellery garden on Saturday and Sunday. Voters can freely meet leading politicians and take photos there. This press event featured two young women with their topless bodies chanting “Stop the gas now!” It was disturbed by writing that. They wrote a summons, scattered colored money among the people, and lined up on either side of the principal. Security forces quickly escorted them out, according to photographers from the scene.

And Russia with it Accuses Ukrainian intelligence writes that they arranged the murder of the daughter of Alexander Dukin, one of the main supporters of President Vladimir Putin. BBC.

Kiev authorities Banned Large-scale public events, he writes Guardian. According to a document released by the Kyiv military administration and signed by its head Mykola Zhirnov, large groups of people are not allowed to gather in the Ukrainian capital from Monday to Thursday due to the risk of rocket attacks.

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He leaves Ivan Petrjak from Fehrvar has signed a four-year contract with Shakhtar Donetsk. Before that, Oleksandr Chubkov moved from Frady to the Ukrainian star team.


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