A spokesman for the Polish ministry, which oversees secret services, said a Polish service weapon had been fired and had nothing to do with third parties.

Stanislav Zarin, a spokesman for the Polish minister overseeing secret services, said on Twitter that the accidental shooting of a Polish soldier serving on the Polish border with Belarus was over. According to the authority, the shooting took place from a Polish service weapon.

“During the preliminary investigation, a soldier was shot from a military weapon, resulting in the death of a soldier without the involvement of a third party,” Zarin said in a statement posted on his micro-blog.

The public has been affected by the refugee crisis on the Belarusian border in the past, and reporters from the hvg.hu site reported on Saturday that the body of a refugee was found on the Polish side of the border, bringing with it the number of refugees. Ten people were affected by the crisis. Although the cause of death of the man found on Saturday was not reported, there were earlier reports that the freezing weather had taken its toll among immigrants sleeping in the open.

Our cover photo by our photographer Zsolt Reviczky, a photo of the scene, which is an example in this article.

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