The old man may have fallen into the Klavia volcano from the locked area.

The Hawaiian Tribune Herald reported on Tuesday that Klavia, Hawaii’s hot volcano, fell into an old man’s chimney.

The person was reported missing in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on Monday morning. The body of a 75-year-old local was later found in the volcano and was brought from a depth of 30 meters by a helicopter using park guards.

The man is said to have fallen into the abyss “from a closed area”, so authorities have launched an investigation into the matter.

The volcanic national park on the island of Hawaii or on the Big Island is not closed, and is open even at night: many locals and tourists visit the glowing volcanic lake that formed after several eruptions in recent months. I.

According to the US Geological Survey (USGS), Klavia has been active again since September 29 last year, with a magnitude 4.3 earthquake on the day of the crash, but no major building damage was reported.

A USGS spokesman pointed out that Kilauea had entered an escalating phase of activity, which increased the likelihood of further eruption.


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