There are 17 crew on board, and they have not yet been evacuated.

The Scandinavian State Disaster Management Authority (MSB) said on Sunday that the cargo of a cargo ship had caught fire on the Swedish coast for more than 24 hours; According to the information, only the cargo is burning and the ship is still burning.

The ship, which departed from Gothenburg, was loaded with burning wood on Saturday, after which the fire could not be contained. MSB sent two helicopters to the scene, while the Coast Guard was engaged in its own rescue operation.

“The ship has a large amount of fuel and MSB is ready to provide assistance in the event of a leak,” the commission said. According to the Swedish news agency TT, the crew of seventeen has not yet been evacuated from the ship with the Iberian flag on the Almondo Storny.

“We can’t say we have contained the fire, but the fire has not spread,” a Coast Guard spokesman told TT. He added that the work could take days.


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