June 10, 2023

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Women’s Handball Ek: Won DAC but said goodbye to the series

In the women’s handball European Cup quarterfinals, DAC beat Bekament Bukovicska Banja 30-29, but due to seven goals from Serbia’s victory in the first match, they did not make it into the top four.

Photo: Ernő Lelkes

Dunaszerdahely’s volleyball players were in a difficult situation before the rematch, and Debre Viktor’s team is missing a lot due to injury and illness. Fans bought all the tickets in a matter of hours though.

“One of my eyes is crying and the other is smiling. It is gratifying to have so much interest from the fans, but unfortunately, due to epidemiological regulations, even now the hall could not be fully filled. ” – Club President Solton Horvath said.

HC DAC has a historic victory ahead of the European Cup quarterfinals.

The resurgence started well, the team quickly developed a two-goal advantage, but the experienced Serbian team was always able to catch up. HC DAC started the second half with a two-goal lead, but the advantage did not increase further. In fact, the Serbian team came out on top with three goals.

In his hair, the yellow-blues eventually turned the crowd in their favor and won by a goal difference. The highest scorer of the meeting was eleven successful Beatrix live in Hungary.

“We’ve had a great match, we’ve been playing a strong opponent, we’m going to win our game in a week or eight. Not coming together now.Maybe next year The DAC Master, DAC Master, told the National Game after the meeting. – I’m proud of my team, we made it to the quarterfinals of the European Cup. However, a couple of people here have to agree that more needs to be added to this. Being beautiful is not enough, we need people here who can fight every second. A couple of people missed it. It was a little annoying, but others worked for them.

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