February 3, 2023

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Will you go abroad to study or work? These are the cheapest European cities

Despite that More questions about the Erasmus+ programme Even more recently, many people plan to continue their studies abroad, or try their luck in a new country. For them, renting a room can be a great option because this way they can protect their home significantly cheaper than renting an entire apartment.

Our bad news is that Budapest is average 340 Euros, which is HUF 134,000 Room rental rates were higher in none of the cities surveyed, but there were still some positive surprises on the list.

Valenica – 350 euros

Even higher than prices in Budapest, Valencia Housing Anywhere is the cheapest of the cities surveyed. The for HUF 137,000 A decent average room rent is relatively affordable compared to other European cities, especially considering Valencia’s Mediterranean climate and its far-flung famous sandy beaches.

Porto – 422 euros

Second on the list is another tourist paradise, Porto in Portugal. The 166 thousand forints The average price in large European cities is also considered especially low, but in the last year, it is necessary to take into account the significant, almost. They are 21 percent more expensive Rooms for rent. If the trend continues, Porto could quickly catch up to the European average.

Lisbon – 500 euros

Although Lisbon is particularly expensive on the rental list for one-room properties, rooms are approx 196 thousand forints Its price is much lower than the average of the surveyed cities. However, the city, which is popular with students and tourists abroad, has seen its prices rise faster than Porto over the past year, so the current favorable conditions are not sure to stay with us for long.

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Turin – 510 euros

Big cities in southern states seem to feature particularly well on Housing Anywhere’s list, as Turin, Italy, almost exactly 200 thousand forints The cost of renting a room. At first, the northern Italian city may not seem particularly cheap, but the price is still significantly more favorable than Amsterdam or Munich.

Florence – 530 euros

Our list ends with another Italian city, Florence, famous for its architecture, culture and rich past. 208 thousand forints With its average price, it does not stand out from the list, but it is important to note that apart from Porto and Lisbon, Florence has recently seen a significant price increase.

More competitors

Among the most affordable cities are: Vienna (€554), Madrid (€570) And Helsinki (€585). list The Hague (€811.5), Munich (€845) and Amsterdam (900 Euros) closed.

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