September 29, 2023

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Whoopi Goldberg shuts down co-host Ana Navarro in a very embarrassing moment on live TV

By Kirsty McCormack for Dailymail.Com

19:40 Jul 24, 2023, updated at 19:56 Jul 24, 2023

  • Jedi, who co-created the show in 1997 with Barbara Walters, passed away last week
  • Goldberg, 67, praised the news producer
  • Behar, 80, was notably absent from the studio — but he’s due back on Tuesday

Whoopi Goldberg of The View was forced to abruptly correct co-host Ana Navarro during Monday’s show as the panel paid tribute to show co-creator Bill Geddy.

The news producer, who co-founded the show in 1997 with the late Barbara Walters and left in 2014, died last Thursday of “coronary factors.”

In a deeply embarrassing moment, Goldberg, 67, shut down Navarro’s live feed after accusing Geddie of “firing” Joy Behar back in 2013.

Navarro made the comment about former host Sherri Shepherd, who made a special appearance on Monday’s episode of Remembering the Jedi, but Goldberg wasted no time putting her in her place.

Shepherd, 56, recalled the time Jedi called his office and questioned her about why she hadn’t spoken during an interview with John McCain on the show.

Whoopi rage: The View’s Goldberg was forced to abruptly correct one of her hosts during Monday’s show
Put her down: Goldberg shut down Ana Navarro after making a comment about the show’s co-creator Bill Geddy
Not true: Navarro claimed that Jedi had “fired” Joy Behar and then hired her again

She explained, “Bill called me and said, ‘Why didn’t you say anything?'” You sit at that table, you have an opinion, you jump in, you make yourself known. ”

“It was so stiff and you were, like, you’re not going to hug me or…?” Shepherd joked as Navarro lunged, “He hired Joey and fired Joey and she still loves him!”

The camera then panned to the Sister Act star who looked seriously unaffected as she told Navarro, “Joey didn’t get divorced.”

Navarro fell silent as co-host Sunny Hostin jumped in and confirmed, “This was the next generation.”

“Yeah,” Goldberg said bluntly before quickly moving into the conversation.

Behar hasn’t publicly identified who was behind her sudden exit in 2013, but Jeddy and co-creator Barbara Walters were the main EPs on the show at the time.

Behar was notably absent from the show on Monday, but it was confirmed that she will return for Tuesday’s episode.

The uncomfortable moment comes just months after Goldberg’s reaction to Behar’s resurfacing announcement that she was “glad” at being fired from The View in 2013.

It’s back: Former co-host Sherri Shepard returned to The View Monday to pay homage to the Jedi
Remember: The panel shared its own stories about the Jedi after his death last week
That time: Geddie is pictured with The View hosts in 2019 including Goldberg and Behar
Sad news: Jedi reportedly died of “coronary factors.” He was 68 years old

Last February, the panel was debating the importance of friendships in the workplace when Behar revisited a 2022 interview she gave to Time magazine in which she expressed her gratitude for being eliminated.

In March 2013, Bihar revealed that she was leaving the programme, but returned to the panel by September 2015.

Speaking to Time about when she first left, she said, ‘I always have friends at my workplace, and if I don’t have friends at the job, I’m not going to keep the job.

So, when I got fired from that show last time, people said to me, “Were you okay with that?” And my answer is, I was glad, because all my friends had already left. So, there was no reason to stay anymore. i mean it.’

However, Goldberg was a lifelong member of The View at the time he left Bihar.

‘truly? All your friends left? Bihar asked live while the audience gasped.

Then the Oscar-winning actress imitated her trembling lip, pretended to cry and said, “It’s okay, I’m great!”

Trying to clarify her position, Behar said, “I just came, and my friends left behind the scenes. And I don’t like working when I don’t have friends.”

Goldberg later confirmed that she and Behar had been “friends for a long time” and that she was just “bothering” her.

The two women are no strangers to clashing on the ABC show, and just last week, Goldberg accused the 80-year-old of “blocking” her after her cell phone started ringing live.

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