June 4, 2023

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Who knows the next president of Italy

Friday night coincides with the sixth failed parliamentary round of the Italian presidential election Matteo Salvini, President of the Society and Giuseppe Conte, The leader of the Five Star Movement (M5S), announced that an agreement had been reached on who would be the woman head of state.

At a press conference in the square in front of the House of Representatives, Matteo Salvini said he would count the results soon. The state presidential candidate said, “A woman, she will recover.”

We have to end the referendum on Saturday and the government should return to work soon

– Gelented Ki Matteo Salvini.

A few minutes later, Giuseppe Conte confirmed that they were thinking of recommending a woman. Analysts say an agreement has been reached between the League and the M5S over the “surprise” announcement of the leaders of the two parliamentary forces. This is the first time since Monday that party leaders have announced a joint candidate. However, neither party was able to secure 505 votes.

The potential candidate is speculated to be a career ambassador Elizabeth Belloni May currently chair the Parliamentary Committee on National Security. In earlier days his name was already on offer. Others say it is not rejected Marta Cordobia Or the name of a constitutional lawyer or Minister of Justice.

About Elizabeth Peloni’s Recommendation for Italian Hair! (FI) said it was not beneficial Mario Tracy In addition to the head of government, a non-political expert is also appointed head of state. He expressed his admiration Matteo Renzi, Is also the head of Living Italy (IV), who said the head of the secret service could not hold the position of head of state.

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Two rounds of voting ended today, the fifth day of the presidential election, which began on Monday. In the morning vote, the League candidate, Maria Elizabeth Casselli, the Senate president and FI politician, did not receive enough support. Seventy-one votes were cast for Castellotti’s election.

In the afternoon vote, the League and its right-wing allies abstained, with Sergio Materella, the caretaker Prime Minister at the end of his term, receiving 336 votes. Party leaders negotiate without interruption: Matteo Salvini has also spoken with Left Democratic Party (PD) general secretary Enrico Letta and Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

Enrico Letta “The real consultation between the parties has only just begun, but it is not easy to agree on,” he said. PD General Secretary Sergio Materella called for a second term as a final solution.

Voting will continue on Saturday morning, and if it fails, another round will be held in the afternoon. Parliament has time to find a successor until Matterella leaves on February 4.

At the polling station, in the square in front of the House of Representatives, a group of Italian and foreign journalists try to gather information about the possible course of the presidential election. It is widely believed that if the head of state becomes a woman, the solution may be for Mario Tragi to “accept that he should not be president and should continue to be in charge of the government.”

According to the right-wing daily Il Giornale, the parties have been waiting a long night to negotiate until the last minute, but “the deal is near”.

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La Stampa believed it would be a political failure if the parties could not accept the next head of state in six more days and they feared the government would disintegrate because the “most valuable candidate” did not allow Tracy into the palace for heads of state. .