June 27, 2022

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War crimes: Dozens of Russian citizens have been identified so far

To date, 45 people have been identified for war crimes in violation of Section 438 of the Criminal Code, and three are already under investigation, according to Ukraine’s Pravda news website. A citizen of Ukraine and two others have been brought to justice on charges of firing on civilian infrastructure in the eastern province of Kharkiv. “I mean, we’re moving faster here than in international justice,” Veneziekova said.

According to Venegyiktova, about 11,600 cases are currently pending.

According to the Attorney General, in order to bring all the perpetrators to justice, all the witnesses and all the evidence of Russia’s war against Ukraine must be found. However, this is complicated by the fact that some areas are inaccessible to the Ukrainian authorities.

So it is not possible to predict how long this whole process will take

MTI quoted the Attorney General.

Meanwhile, Ukraine’s Pravda, citing the Russian news agency Interfax, released a statement from the Russian Defense Ministry stating that an agreement had been reached with representatives of Ukrainian soldiers surrounded by Russian forces at the Azov plant in Mariupol to evacuate the wounded. The Russian ministry said a ceasefire had been set up in the Azov desk, and Russian forces had opened a “green corridor” to transport wounded Ukrainian soldiers to a medical facility in the Moscow-friendly, secluded “People’s Republic” region of the Novosovsk municipality. Donetsk. Pravda of Ukraine added that Ukraine has not yet confirmed this information.

Later, the commander of the Azov Regiment, Denis Prokopenko, issued a message through the Telegram messaging app, saying that “the mission is over and he wants to save the lives of the soldiers under his command.”

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“Despite all the difficulties, Mariupol’s bodyguards obeyed orders and dragged them against the great enemy for 82 days, allowing them to re-employ the Ukrainian army, train additional personnel and take up large quantities of weapons from allied countries. Makes it the most valuable component of the military.

Ukrainian MP Nyestor Sufricz, a member of the recently dissolved opposition Platform Life faction, confirmed to Pravda that he had left Ukraine. Law enforcement reported to the news portal that a representative from Transcarpathia had crossed the Ukrainian border into Romania. Sufrix said he was going abroad “for family matters” and “completely legally”. He said he would return to the country by May 23.

According to the government decision, men between the ages of 18 and 60 who are Ukrainian citizens cannot leave the country during the war, but there are several exceptions to this and the authorities may issue separate permits, the MTI writes.

The Ukrainian parliament passed a law two weeks ago banning Moscow’s allied parties from operating in Ukraine, including the Opposition Platform – Party for Life, written by Pravda of Ukraine, whose party’s parliamentary wing was recently formally dissolved.