May 23, 2022

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Volodymyr Zelensky sends a dramatic message to the audience of the Grammy Gala

Guests and spectators at the ceremony in Las Vegas called on the President of Ukraine to support the war-torn Eastern European country in all possible ways.

“Terrible peace following Russian bombs”

Although it was held on April 3rd Parliamentary election It briefly distracted the Hungarians from the events of the Russo-Ukrainian war, and the world is still engaged in the largest and most intense armed conflict in Europe for decades and its aftermath. We have long known that the leading players in the American entertainment industry also bear in mind the fate of Ukraine – according to some rumors, the first president of the country to advance from actor to politician was Volodymyr Zhelensky. Immersed in corruption He would have translated an important message to the world at the Oscars. It has disappeared – albeit recently Shooting in Ukraine Sean Benn says that if word did not come to Zhelensky at the gala, he would have attached his own Oscars – but similarly, dramatic-sounding video news happened – not at the American Film Academy ceremony, but at the Las Vegas, 64. Grammy Awards.

Photo: MTI / AP / Press Office of the President of Ukraine

“The Peace of the Murdered People”

“War. What could be different than music? The peace of the devastated cities and the people killed. Our four hundred children are wounded, 153 have died. We will never see them again. Our parents are glad they will be in the shelters for more and more days but they are alive in the lives of our loved ones. I do not know if we will ever see them again.In eternal silence our musicians wear bulletproof vests, not tuxedos, they even sing in hospitals, even sing to the deaf, but the music breaks, the walls break, whatever, we protect our freedom, our life, our right to love, Ukraine is currently fighting Russia, and there is a terrible peace following the bombings. “Peace of death.” Zelensky said in a dramatic video message.

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