December 2, 2022

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Vivi Funny’s bodyguard says the video was taken two days after the woman went missing

Judgment is still four weeks away, and unanswered questions remain unanswered Funny Novoshansky Missing case. To this day it is not known exactly what happened to him. Roland PolindThe accused B. Laszlo And his attorney recalled important information in his March 31 argument Wolf Gabriella A judge and prosecutor said the case had slipped into police custody. The security adviser told what happened in the courtroom. He said there was a reference to this in the police documents Two days after Vivi Fanny’s disappearance, there is a video showing her being healthy and fit.

“Novoshansky’s parents, in their confession, said that two days after their daughter went missing, they went to Funny’s apartment on November 22, 2017, where everything was found to be in order. They also say they left the building, ”said Roland Balind.

The fact that the celebrity girl was still well on November 22 was confirmed by her parents’ statement that Funny’s apartment, two puppies were in order during her visit on Wednesday. The dogs did not accept water or food, so they ate and walked. In contrast, two days later (24/11/2017) during a home search, police found more than ten dog dirt and urine stains in the apartment – written and video police documents were produced for this protection.

“No one who went missing on Monday can leave his home on Wednesday. Anyone who went missing on Monday is guaranteed to get their dogs dirty by Wednesday. These two puppies only did so from Wednesday to Friday. Doesn’t matter? ”He picked up the floor Peter Bradman, The accused’s uncle and former bodyguard, said police did not pursue this important information. Although the confession has been in the investigation records for four years, the parents say that two days after Funny’s official disappearance, the security guard looked at him and recorded it.

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Balázs Ivándi-Szabó / Gabriella Fergus in September 2021, Laszlo b. And on the Roland Polint site.

Otherwise the guard was fired immediately for not doing his job properly. Regardless of the new, decisive shot, of course, it is also a fact that something happened to VVFanny on November 20th, because a camera shot proves that he is fainting on the stairs.

At Thursday’s hearing, security forces said they were never available to analyze camera footage of the Danube luxury apartment building, despite being asked.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Laszlo b. He is preparing with a certain amount of spirit for his last speech on April 19th.

“The charge of murder on November 20, 2017 is false, but the incident of that day is being recorded on camera. I believe my supporter should be punished and punished for violating personal liberty. However, the disappearance two days later has nothing to do with the accused. This is the defensive position, Roland Polind said.