August 14, 2022

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Vershor stripped of Austria F2 in an advantage race

Megan White

The Trident driver dominated Sunday’s race, taking a risky tire adventure to grab the lead before crossing the line 13 seconds early.

On the slow lap past the checkered flag, Vershor’s car stopped before he could race the lap.

The FIA ​​technical delegate said the car is unable to provide a minimum fuel sample of 0.8kg, with only 31.3g remaining in the tank.

Daruvala, who finished second, then received a 20-second penalty after the Prima team attempted to “dry the surface of the track in the grid position before the start of the race by applying fans normally used to cool the engine to the ground directly in the front wheels of the car 2.”

“This has been witnessed and reported by the Technical Delegate. Since a performance advantage can never be ruled out in such a case, even an attempt to alter the track surface is prohibited regardless of any success.”

The FIA ​​said it was assessed with a penalty that, as it could not be carried out during the race, was converted into a 20-second penalty in the final classification.

The penalty shootout means Logan Sargent, who finished third for Carlin, will be promoted to first place ahead of Enzo Fittipaldi and Roberto Merhi.

Beyond that, ART’s Frederic Vesti received a five-second penalty after going off the track in Turn 3 and earned a permanent advantage while fighting Ole Caldwell (Campus Racing). He also picked up one penalty point, bringing his total score this year to three.

Prima Racing was fined 1,000 euros for a stop violation during Dennis Hueger’s stop.

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Stewards decided that during the mandatory pit stop, the left rear tire was not laid as flat as required, and he stopped and rolled away from the mechanic a short distance before recovering.

They said the accident “creates a potential safety issue but was not a deliberate move by the mechanic”.