May 31, 2023

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Valorant’s New Agent Gekko: Ability Set, Ultimate, Trailer Announcement

braveGekko’s newest agent is revealed. The new agent got his first preview during Riot’s Valorant Champions Tour Lock // In Tournament Finals in Brazil on Saturday. The reveal included a trailer that showed off Gekko’s appearance and abilities, which mostly come in the form of his adorable friends who help him out during matches.

Gekko is a beginner, which means he has abilities that help him access locations and take advantage. Among those abilities are a blinding ability and a detection ability, both of which should give him a little bit of information and cover as he heads into battle. He also has an ability that allows him to remotely plant or defuse bombs by sending one of his creature friends to do so for him.

All of this should give Gekko one of the most unique combos in the game brave So far, but to get a full idea of ​​its capabilities you can read their descriptions below:

Gekko ability kit

E – dizzy

EQUIP Dizzy and FIRE to send a spinner soaring forward into the air. Spinning charges then unleash plasma blasts at enemies in line of sight. Blind enemies infected with plasma. When Dizzy is finished, she turns back into a sleeping ball. React to restore the globe and gain another spinning charge after a short cooldown.

Q – wingman

Equip your Wingman and FIRE to send your Wingman forward in search of enemies. Wingman fires a concussive blast towards the first enemy ALT Fire sees when targeting the Spike position or planting the Spike to defuse the Wingman or plant the Spike. To farm, Gekko must have the spike in his inventory. When your Wingman expires, you return to INTERACT sleeper ball to retrieve the globe and gain another Wingman charge after a short cooldown.

A – not a hole

Equip your Mosh and FIRE to throw Mosh like ALT FIRE bomb to throw it underground. Upon landing, Mosh blasts across a large area and then explodes after a short delay.

X – Thrash

Equip Thrash and FIRE to connect with Thrash’s mind and guide it through enemy territory, activate it to lunge forward and explode, trapping any enemies within a small radius. When the Thrash expires, it returns to INTERACT sleeper ball to retrieve the globe and gain another Thrash charge after a short cooldown. Thrash can only be restored once.

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